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Teflon Hand Barrel Pumps - Obart Pumps New

Teflon Hand Barrel Pumps

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Teflon's® are lightweight, fully rotary pumps for a variety of liquids*. They are supplied with 19mm spouts, 3 part (390mm) intake tubes (assembles to 1200mm), barrel adaptors and operating handles. Alternative adaptors are available, as an optional extra, to enable their use on barrels and containers without a 2” BSPf connection. 

With the exception of use in water and optional extra: barrel adaptor, we strongly recommend that you provide our sales department with written details of your application so that the correct selection can be made. 

Teflon®: constructed exclusively from Teflon® and 304 stainless steel. Suitable for extremely aggressive chemicals and solvents, highly concentrated acids and alkalis up to 100%

WARNING: Static electricity may be generated by the operation of rotary pumps. In order to prevent sparking caused by static build-up, when pumping flammable liquids an insulated bonding wire must be used i.e. the container must be grounded to earth by means of a conductive earthing lead, fastened between the container and a suitable grounded earth point.

Item Code 12-30-1020
Outlet (mm) 25
Flow (l/min) 35
Width (mm) 130
Length (mm) 220
Height (mm) 1265