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Techno Float Switches

Techno Float Switches

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Techno float switches are double (on and off) acting for emptying or filling applications. They have anti-shock polypropylene cases and PVC cables for use in clean water or inert water-based fluids.

Operating & storage temperature: 50°C, Enclosure protection: IP68

Switching current: 10 Amps (resistive), 4 Amps (inductive), 16 Amps (microswitch rating)

Rated voltage: 250VAC, Angle of differential: +/-45°

Item Code Model Cable Material Length
17-40-1008 Techno PVC 5 metres
17-40-1011 Techno PVC 10  metres
17-40-1015 Techno PVC 15  metres
17-40-1023 Techno PVC 20  metres
17-40-1010 Techno PVC 30 metres