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Flood-UltiMate combines the FloodMate, a flood kit, with a portable generator as “a bundle” to provide a continuous electrical supply to your flood defence kit, powering the submersible pump and/or powering appliances around your property. All the generators are compact, light-weight, super-quiet and feature inverter technology which enables them to provide the stability of power required to run the latest high tech electronics. 900 watt models have enough energy to run the submersible pump in each FloodMate power a light bulb and a radio or a small TV… to help get you through a flooding crisis. In addition to the submersible pump, the 1800 to 2000 watt models will operate more, and a wider range, of appliances* Generators can be bought individually.

To overcome problems associated with stale fuel optional extras include gas conversion kits and fuel additives. Gas conversion kits are pre-fitted by our workshop prior to delivery.

  • Flood-Ultimate 2: FloodMate 2 kit with your choice of generator
  • Flood-Ultimate 2 GAS: FloodMate 2 kit with your choice of generator which is supplied with a gas conversion kit

* Power management: care should be taken not to overload a generator and cause expensive damage which is not covered under any warranty. Total power requirements (“uptake”- input) of a device or devices should not exceed the maximum specified in the table below e.g. BPS100 pump @ 220 watts + 2 x 100w light bulbs at 200 watts + a colour TV @ 250 watts = 670 watts. This demand is suitable for a 900 watt generator. If you add more appliances and the total uptake exceeds 900 watt then you will need to go up to a 1800 watt generator…or bigger. Please contact our sales department for advice on how to tailor your flood defence plans using a generator.