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MS Hand Operated Barrel Pump - Obart Pumps New

MS Hand Operated Barrel Pump

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Model MS is a basic, fully rotary, cast iron and brass hand pump for diesel, paraffin and oil transfer. Supplied with 25mm outlet spout, 1000mm (3 part) rigid riser tube, barrel adaptor, strainer stand and operating handle.

It should not pump water, petrol, chemicals, solvents or products with a low flash point. 

WARNING: Static electricity may be generated by the operation of rotary pumps. In order to prevent sparking caused by static build-up, when pumping flammable liquids an insulated bonding wire must be used i.e. the container must be grounded to earth by means of a conductive earthing lead, fastened between the container and a suitable grounded earth point.

Model Outlet (mm) Flow (l/min) Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Dry weight (kg) Packing weight
MS 25 25 130 220 1265 4.5 4.7