KTV2 Slurry Pumps with Agitator - Obart Pumps New
KTV2 Slurry Pumps with Agitator - Obart Pumps New

KTV2 Slurry Pumps with Agitator

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The KTV2 slurry pumps also comprises of agitator. They are lightweight, yet heavy-duty and offer excellent wear resistance for maximum durability, with minimum maintenance, during prolonged operation in the severest conditions. They are fitted with vortex impellers in chromium iron and rubber pump chambers. Each model has a built in agitator, also in chromium iron, to stir sand, silt, pulverized solids etc. into suspension for pumping. The heavy duty motors are fitted with internal overloads, enabling simple installation and direct connection to the power supply.  The 403 stainless steel shafts are fitted with ultra hardwearing, double mechanical seals (inboard: silicon carbide-silicon carbide), in an oil chamber, with oil lifters, for positive seal lubrication in any position.  This feature, combined with the water and air cooling channel to the top outlet, enables these pumps to operate for extended periods in little or no water.  Maintenance is straightforward, with simple replacement of wearing parts without the need for a workshop or even special tools.  

All models are supplied with 20 metres of heavy duty rubber power cable a threaded outlet and a hose connector. 

--- For pump specifications, please see table provided ---

Model KTV2-50 KTV2-80
Outlet (mm) 2" BSPM & 50 3" BSPM & 80
kW 2 3
Flow (l/min) 425 725
Head (metres) 20 23
Free Passage (mm) 10 10
Width (mm) 250 295
Length (mm) 250 295
Height (mm) 454 550
Dry weight (kg) 24 37
Packing weight 31 47