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KS Domestic Booster Pump - Obart Pumps New
KS Domestic Booster Pump - Obart Pumps New

KS Domestic Booster Pump

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The KS1101/22 incorporate self-priming “jet” pumps with pressure vessels (fitted with butyl diaphragms), pressure gauges, adjustable pressure switches and non-return valves ready assembled for installation.  The pumps are fitted with thermoplastic venturis and impellers. They have stainless steel shafts, fitted with carbon ceramic mechanical seals, and have IP44 rated motors.   The KS features a thermoplastic pump casing and a 22-litre steel pressure vessel, while the CAM features a 304 stainless steel pump casing and a 25-litre steel pressure vessel.  They are designed for pumping clean water only at a maximum temperature of 35ºC. Capable of 8-metre suction lifts. Suitable for domestic water boosting, pressurised water supply to mobile toilets and shower blocks, irrigation and for wash-down. The CAM is available with an optional steel protection frame for portable use.





Model Inlet (mm) Outlet (mm) KW Volts Flow (l/min) Head (metres) Switch pre-set Vessel / Well / Bore hole size Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Dry weight (kg) Packing weight
KS1101/22 1" (BSPF) 1" (BSPF) 0.75 230V 60 28 1.4(on)-2.8(off) 22ltr 270 480 500 15.1 17.2