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KS Domestic Booster Pump
KS Domestic Booster Pump - Obart Pumps New

KS Domestic Booster Pump

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The KS1101/22 is a booster set for water supply systems. It incorporates a self-priming “jet” pump with a pressure vessel, pressure gauge, adjustable pressure switch and a non-return valve, ready assembled for installation. The pressure vessel is for applications where buffering of the water supply is necessary, as it reduces pump on/off cycles, saves energy, protects the pump from water hammer and so extends its service life. With plastic connections and a high grade butyl bladder, there is no water contact with the steel vessel creating an uncontaminated water path. They are designed for pumping clean water only and suitable for domestic water boosting, pressurised water supply to mobile toilets and shower blocks, irrigation and for wash-down.



Item  Code Model Inlet (mm) Outlet (mm) KW Volts Flow (l/min) Head (metres) Switch pre-set Vessel / Well / Bore hole size Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Dry weight (kg) Packing weight
19-15-1158 KS1101/22 1" (BSPF) 1" (BSPF) 0.75 230V 60 28 1.4(on)-2.8(off) 22ltr 270 480 500 15.1 17.2