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GPA90(S) Speed Booster Set - Obart Pumps New
GPA90(S) Speed Booster Set - Obart Pumps New

GPA90(S) Speed Booster Set

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The GPA90(S) is booster set for water supply systems where space is at a premium.  It incorporates a peripheral pump, with a frontal suction port, which has a 304 stainless steel pump body and impeller. The shaft is 410 stainless steel and is fitted with a silicon carbide mechanical seal. Elastomers are in Viton and the motor is rated at IP45. The pressure vessel has a 2 litre capacity for applications where buffering of the water supply is necessary. This vessel reduces pump on/off cycles, saves energy and protects the pump from water hammer, thus extending its service life. With 304 stainless steel connections, a high-grade butyl bladder and a polypropylene liner, there is no water contact with the steel vessel creating an uncontaminated water path. Suitable for liquid temperatures up to 60ºC. Can be used for domestic water boosting and pressurised water supply of mobile toilets and shower blocks.

The pressure switch is rated at 1.4 to 2.4 bar.

 Motors have aluminium motor housing and pressed steel or plastic fan covers. Single phase motors incorporate an overload protection device. These pumps should not be allowed to run dry, but by fitting an optional pressure controller, they can be protected from this and also start and stop it automatically.  With the addition of a foot-valve, they are capable of suction lifts of 8 metres.

Application: Industry, Processing, Domestic, Boosting, Welfare units, Boiler Feed.

Model Inlet (mm) Outlet (mm) KW Volt Flow (l/min) Head (metres) Switch pre-set (bar)  Vessel size (Lts) Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Dry weight (kg) Packing weight
GPA90(S)  1" BSPF 1" BSPF 0.2 110V 40 24 1.4 (on) 2.4 (off) 2 140 320 410 7.5 8
GPA90(S)  1" BSPF 1" BSPF 0.2 230V 40 24 1.4 (on) 2.4 (off) 2 140 320 410 7.5 8