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EZI-Action Drum Pump - Chemical Hand Pump - Obart Pumps New
EZI-Action Drum Pump - Chemical Hand Pump - Obart Pumps New
EZI-Action Drum Pump - Chemical Hand Pump - Obart Pumps New
EZI-Action Drum Pump - Chemical Hand Pump - Obart Pumps New

EZI-Action Drum Pump - Chemical Hand Pump

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With each pump, one adaptor of your choice is supplied. See 'additional adaptors' for assistance on the correct adaptor for your chosen pump.

Ezi-action pumps are chemical resistant, robust hand pumps for the effortless transfer of fluids from drums and containers. Liquid is efficiently dispensed in volume on the up and the down stroke, at a safe low pressure. They can handle some acids, strong alkalis, cleaning chemicals, lubricants, diesel (including AdBlue/DEF), liquid food products and viscous liquids up to 8,800 centipoise. They are designed to sit on the base of the container and empty all the contents. A variety of optional adaptor fittings are available to enable correct connection to a container with a spout diameter greater than 45mm. An anti-pumping safety strap is fitted to secure the contents of the vessel when the pump is not in use. The safety measure kit provides totally enclosed calibrated dispensing and decanting of liquids. To prevent accidental siphoning, a non-siphon check valve is also available.

When considering an Ezi-action pump, we strongly recommend that you provide our sales department with written details of your application in order that suitability can be confirmed.

An adaptor is an optional extra but is required for maximum performance and ease of use. Selecting the correct adaptor: 3 male thread options and 3 female options are available to fit the most popular thread styles in use in the UK. To determine the correct adaptor measure either the internal diameter of the container cap thread or the outside diameter of the bung, then describe the thread.

Item Code Model Output per stroke (ml) Suitable container size Suitable adaptor type
12-30-1022 25/5 160 20,25 & 30 litre (male) C55, C57, C63
12-30-1002 200/55 400 200 litre (45 gallon) drums MBSP, M69, M55
12-30-1021 1000/220 400 1000 litre IBCs. MBSP, M55
Item Code Model
12-30-1006 Safety Measure Kit
12-30-1031 Non-Siphon Check Valve


Additional Adaptors

Select from: 

Item Code Adaptor Outlet dimension of container and thread description
12-30-1015 C55 55mm internal diameter with a medium thread
12-30-1023 C57 57mm internal diameter with a coarse thread
12-30-1019 C63 63mm internal diameter with a medium thread and flat edge
12-30-1001 MBSP 58mm outside diameter with a fine thread (usual fitting on metal drums)
12-30-1025 M55 55mm outside diameter with a medium thread (also known as Trisure, BCS, Mauser)
12-30-1007 M69 69mm outside diameter with a coarse thread