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ADR Portable Refuelling Kit
ADR Portable Refuelling Kit - Obart Pumps New

ADR Portable Refuelling Kit

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The ADR portable refuelling kit is the convenient way of transporting and delivering diesel.  It is designed to fit into any light vehicle and has forklift slots, for moving when full, and 6 handles, to carry by hand, when empty.  Pump, hose and nozzle all fit neatly within the bevelled storage dock for a tidy appearance and ease of use.

The 200-litre tank is in constructed in LLDPE which is shockproof, diesel and UV resistance, and is easily washable. It has a high-quality filler plug, shut off valve and overflow vent.  The 12V DC pump can pump up 38 litres per minute, has a fully sealed connection with the tank for reliable fuel suction.  It supplied with 4 metres of crimped discharge hose, 6-metre power lead, battery connectors and an automatic nozzle, with a swivel connection. 

Model Volts Flow (l/min) Amps Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm)

nominal capacity 


usable capacity 


Dry weight (kg) Packing weight
ADR kit - 12V 12v DC 34 30 600 1000 510 200 208 22 23