50TM Industrial Seawater Pumps - Obart Pumps New
50TM Industrial Seawater Pumps - Obart Pumps New
50TM Industrial Seawater Pumps - Obart Pumps New

50TM Industrial Seawater Pumps

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The 50TM series combines superior design features of the PU pumps with the outstanding mechanical properties of titanium, to create a pump of exceptional size, weight, corrosion resistance and hydraulic performance. They are for industrial pumping of aggressive liquids such as sea water, salt water and chemicals. Titanium out-performs pressed 304 and 316 stainless steels and, when weight and size is a factor, it offers an alternative to cast metals. Motor frame, motor shaft and fixings are in titanium, while the vortex impeller, pump casing and strainer stand are constructed of ABS plastic. The motor shaft is fitted with an ultra hardwearing double mechanical seal (inboard: silicon carbide - silicon carbide), lubricated by environmentally friendly paraffin oil, in an oil chamber. Available in single or three phase, motors are fitted with internal overloads, enabling simple installation and direct connection to the power supply. Obtainable in manual, or automatic operation, for portable or fixed installations. Long term, trouble free operation is enhanced further with an integrated vent valve to prevent air locking. Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty, neoprene rubber power cable.

The selection of a pump must initially meet the basic corrosion resistant standards, however additional mechanical or physical properties in the duty may also need to be considered to achieve the overall service performance required. Please contact our sales department for guidance.

--- For pump specifications, please see table provided ---

Model 50TM2.4S - 230V 50TMA2.4S - 230V - Auto 50TMA2.75S - 230V - Auto 50TM2.75 - 400V
Outlet (mm) 2" BSPF 2" BSPF 2" BSPF 2" BSPF
kW 0.4 0.4 0.75 0.75
Flow (l/min) 290 290 350 350
Head (metres) 12 12 15 15
Free Passage (mm) 10 10 10 10
Width (mm) 162 173 173 162
Length (mm) 236 236 236 236
Height (mm) 360 374 394 374
On Level (mm) - 607 627 -
Off Level (mm) - 115 115 -
Dry weight (kg) 7.1 7.6 8.9 8.3
Packing weight 9.5 9.9 11.8 11.3